Private label infant formula cans manufactured by NPRI

Juniper Naturals is your source for private brand formula.

Our quality private label infant formula is manufactured in the USA using the gentletouch process, and subject to the highest food safety and quality standards.

Baby being fed infant formula by mother

Why Private Brand?

Due to Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations based on the Infant Formula Act of 1980 and its amendments, the FDA sets minimum and maximum nutritional amounts for each component that all manufacturers must meet. So all infant formulas manufactured in the United States (whether name brand or generic, store brand or private label) must meet the same nutritional standards.

Our formulas include the exact same prebiotics, nucleotides, vitamins, minerals, DHA and ARA (which may support brain and eye development) as the more recognizable name brand formulas – at a fraction of the cost. While our private label formula is nutritionally indistinguishable from brand names, we don't spend big sums on samples, branding, or advertising, so we pass along the cost savings to you and your customers.

About Juniper Naturals

Juniper Naturals nurtureblend infant formula arose out of a desire to create a nutritionally-superior infant formula. Juniper Naturals is dedicated to providing safe, quality products, and we work to ensure that our products always meet your high expectations.