Our Values

Mom holding infant

Our Mission

To provide complete nutritional support for babies and families.

Our Vision

To make whole life nutrition affordable worldwide.

Private label infant formula on spoon

While breast milk is best, many mothers need to use formula supplementally or exclusively. At NPRI, we have three pillars on which we base our private label product offerings:

  1. Safety & Quality
    We are 100% dedicated to safety and quality in our infant formula and other nutritional products. To ensure the quality and integrity of our powdered nutritional products, we pursue the industry's most stringent quality standards and the most rigorous third party audits.
  2. Nutrition & Health
    Our product line is founded on nutritional science. Our facility is registered by the FDA, meaning that our formulas contain the same ingredients at virtually identical amounts as name brand formulas, so you know your family is getting optimal nutritional value.
  3. Affordability & Convenience
    Brand name infant formulas and milk powders can be prohibitively expensive. As a private label formula manufacturer, we offer the exact same product as those big brands at a much lower price point, and we strive to make them readily available to consumers.